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Bouvet-Ladubay's choicest wines from the Loire Valley of France:

Venue      : The Windsor Manor, Bangalore
Date         : Friday, 6th June, 2008
Time          : 7.30 pm

The Loire Valley : the Cradle of Bouvet-Ladubay

The Loire Valley is a place of natural grace and harmony. The majestic Loire river, the soft light, the mild climate, and the abundant land make it a place favourable to man's well being. Nine kings of France spent their holidays here! The White City of Saumur, which stretches around the foot of its château, is cradled by the Loire, and surrounded by vineyards for centuries, is where the douceur de vivre (the sweetener of life) is most tangible.

About 180 million years ago, the Loire Valley and the Ile de France were undersea. The sea was shallow, with warm and stormy waters, very rich in micro-organisms that built up colossal amounts of sediment. Over a period of 40 million years, the underwater sedimentation allowed for clay and limestone to accumulate on the Hercynian shelf. As the sea waters receded and flooded, they allowed the formation of a chalky limestone clay on the sea-bottom: this was the white and yellow tuffeau or freestone, out of which the 5-mile long caves at Bouvet Ladubay are carved.

The current landscape of the Loire Valley started to develop only about two million years ago. The valleys, eroded by the succession of glacial and temperate climates, became deeper and caught the alluvial networks going west from the Massif-Central. The climate then warmed up to create the mild and temperate weather that is enjoyed today, complemented with a new landscape - the Surprising River Loire, swerving around hillsides of tuffeau, too hard to erode.

The wines

Bouvet Rose, Bouvet Brut, Bouvet Chinon Rouge, Bouvet Rubis Excellence.

The Event

The evening included a brief introduction to wine, followed by wine tasting led by the winemaker with a sit-down 4 course dinner. The dinner prepared to match the wines.



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